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Art Clay Gold Paste

art clay gold paste

Paste Type

It comes in a viscous liquid form with medium bottle. You can add texture or draw directly on the surface of fired Art Clay Silver, ceramic, porcelain and/or glass.

K24 Gold ratio before firing: 77.5%

Gold purity after firing: K22

Firing schedules : See below for details.

Available package: Gold Paste: 1.5 gram / Medium bottle: 5ml.
*Medium bottle is used to dilute Art Clay Gold Paste for a lighter gold color on fired Art Clay Silver surfaces, ceramics, porcelain and glass.

Material form : Paste in a glass bottle.


How to dilute Art Clay Gold Paste

To dilute the paste, take out the necessary amount and place in in a separate container. Then, add necessary amount of water or medim depending on your desired finished gold color.
*Recommended ratio for diluting the Gold Paste with the medium is 3 (Gold Paste) : 1 (Medium).


Clean the surface of the porcelain , glass or ceramic with a alcohol, or soap and water to remove dust or oil. They may disturb Gold Paste attaching on the surface.
*Prepare a paintbrush specifically for use of the Gold Paint.


It is recommended to have diluted Gold Paste with the medium.

Use undiluted paste and apply the Gold Paste on a matte surface. If you would like to apply Gold Paste on a polished silver surface, fire the silver piece in a kiln for 30 minutes at 700℃/1292°F to make a matte surface first and then apply.
**Thickness of the application needs to be less than 0.5mm thick per layer. If you use undiluted paste on a glass or thick glazed porcelain surface, the painted area may sink due to gold weight.


Option1: Application on fired Art Clay Silver surface

acs surface

Kiln firing

  1. Raise kiln temperature to 500℃/932°F.
  2. Place the piece in the kiln and fire to 800℃/1472°F.
  3. After reaching the temperature, hold for 5 minutes to complete the firing. Turn the kiln off and allow to cool.

Stove top firing

  1. Place the stainless steel net on the burners of a gas stove. Make sure the stainless steel net is placed at center of the burners. Turn on the cooking stove. Identify the most red-hot spots on the stainless steel net.
  2. Turn off the cooking stove. Place the piece on the spot where you identified the most red-hot part using a pair of tweezers.
  3. Turn on the cooking stove again and fire the piece for five minutes. Turn off the stove and do not touch for at least 20 minutes. *Maximum Dimensions: 5.0cm(L) x 3.0cm(W) x 2.0cm(H)

Option2: Application on a porcelain or ceramic surface.

acs surface

Kiln firing

  1. Place the piece in a cold kiln and fire to 800℃/1472°F.
  2. Turn off your kiln when the temperature reaches 800℃/1472°F. There is no hold time.
  3. You may remove the piece when the temperature reaches 100℃/212°F, or cool naturally to room temperature.

Option3: Application on a glass* surface

This firing is for glass COE 90. Please do test fire if you use different COE glass.

acs surface

Kiln firing

  1. Place the piece in a cold kiln and fire to 800℃/1472°F.
  2. When the temperature reaches 800℃/1472°F, hold for 5 minutes.
  3. Open the kiln door and cool down (crash-cool) to 600℃/1112°F, and close the kiln door again*.
  4. Allow the kiln to reach room temperature before removing.
    *The glass used with the Gold Paste is COE90 and if you use different types of glass, please do test fire first.

Warning & Caution

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