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  1. Art Clay Certification course
  2. Art Clay Certified instructor

Art Clay Certification course

Art Clay is an education meterial. Art Clay certificate has given people a opportunity to teach Art Clay in public and learn more new technique. We and Art Clay official distributors have issued and given a certificate for those who completed certification course to become an Art Clay certified instructor. Below is the certification course provided in Japan.
*Please ask Art Clay distributor in your region for local certification course.

certification course

Art Clay Standard Curriculum

This is the first Art Clay certification course, most people take. This curriculum is covering basic knowledge of making a jewellery work from Art Clay Silver, combining with different material and how to attach finding and so on.

certification course

Silver Overlay Certificaton

Learning how to make silver overlay jewellery with Overlay Silver Paste. Adding silver decoration on porcelain.

certification course

New Mokumegane Certification

Application designed for Art Clay Silver and Copper based on traditional Japanese metalsmith techniques developed back in the 1600s in Japan for sword fittings. One of the popular course.

certification course

Silver Quilling Certification

Combining the hundred year history of Paper Quilling techniques and Art Clay Silver.

certification course

Origami Certification

The combination of the modern 3D Origami technique and Art Clay Silver makes brand new ORIGAMI JEWELLERY.

certification course

Nerikomi Certification

Applying pottery technique to silver clay. Nerikomi is known worldwide as one of the traditional technique of pottery.

Art Clay Certified instructor

Once you complete the certification course, acquired the certificate, you can teach Art Clay at school, hobby&craft retail, wherever you think suitable to teach and show Art Clay.
You can also purchase Art Clay products with discounted price from Art Clay official distributors, in that way you can teach as selling products to your customers.
You can also join an advanced workshop by master instructor to level up your skill. Those kind of workshop are regularly held.