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ORIGAMI JEWELLERY Certification Course


Exclusive expression by Art Clay Silver Paper Type

The greatest characteristic of Art Clay Silver is to become metal. The new certification program is to pursue a good combination of wearable strength as jewellery and folding expression of 3D ORIGAMI Art. Other than just folding, you can learn more techniques like new way of adding gold accent, texturing, bezel making, and finding attachment. Surprisingly, finished works with structural design are much lighter than they look.

project work

Bellows Pattern Ring


Beautiful folding pattern like paper is unified with solid ring as one piece.

Pyramid Link Pendant


Process of making a piece of paper into beautiful 3D art work cannot be easily done with Clay type Art Clay Silver or metalsmithing process. Enjoy one of the highlight of ORIGAMI JEWELLERY.

Leaf Pendant


Beautiful twisted texture is captured in flexible leaf. Stone bezel made with Paper Type gives extra eye catch.

Beehive Pendant


Enjoy natural beauty of Hexagonal honeycomb design in Jewellery. New technique of "Gold" accent is another exciting part of this project.

Squeezed Texture Ring


Enjoy natural beauty of Hexagonal honeycomb design in Jewellery. New technique of "Gold" accent is another exciting part of this project.

Cherry Blossom Pearl Brooch


Adding a technique to cut away folded part gives fresh new impression.

Message from Supervisor of ORIGAMI JEWELLERY Certification Program


Jun Mitani

My study have been focusing on creating geometric Origami Art from one piece of paper by folding in patterns sometimes curve pattern with technolody of computer science. With a combination of the technique of my reserch and Art Clay Silver, totally new type of silver accessories has been developed. I am very pleased if many people will enjoy great hermony of beauty of shiny silver and limitless patterns of ORIGAMI which is one of the wonderful Japanese traditional handicraft.

Year Event
1975 Born in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
2004 PhD in Engineering, The University of Tokyo
2008 Councilor of Japan Origami Academic Society
2005 Lecturer, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba.
2018 Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba.

What is 3D ORIGAMI?


ORIGAMI is Japanese word for paper folding. "Ori" means fold and "Gami" means paper. ORIGAMI is well known in the world as Japanese traditional craft and it has been played by many different generations and coutries. History of ORIGAMI as hobby has started from Edo era. Even before, people in Japan had used papers to wrap important things such as Kimono clothes, gift or money for special occasion. ORIGAMI is really rooted in Japanese tradition. Modern ORIGAMI was appeard after the world war and ORIGAMI art works have been sophiscated to artistic level from hobby. Now, the modern ORIGAMI has been evolved as "3D ORIGAMI" by research and technology of limitless folding patterns. The combination of the modern ORIGAMI and technique of Art Clay Silver makes brand new "ORIGAMI JEWELLERY".


New Creations by New Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus

Art Clay Silver Paper Type Plus is approx.2.5 times thicker than Art Clay Silver regular Paper Type. This feature gives sharp and beautiful edges for 3D folding structure. You can enjoy unique expression which is quite difficult to do with regular Paper Type or metalsmithing techniques.

acpaperplus acpaperplus acpaperplus