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Silver Quilling Certification Course

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Combining the hundred year history of Paper Quilling techniques and Art Clay Silver

Paper Quilling is a form of craft art where a long and narrow strip of paper is rolled and combined together to form different kinds of shapes. During the Renaissance period, English and French nuns started using paper, a valuable and precious item at that time, to decorate religious items. Within that long history of Paper Quilling, many diverse techniques have been compiled and knitted together, making it one of the most widely loved and enjoyed craft arts in Europe, America, and now Japan. By combining Paper Quilling and Art Clay Silver Techniques, a new Silver Accessory form, “Silver Quilling”, is born.

project work

Spiral Rose


Starting from the basics We will use basic Quilling techniques to develop a simple motif.

Teardrop Flower


Using the standard Quilling technique “Teardrop”, and putting it together to form a flower shape. Then we will learn the stone setting technique, something we cannot do with simple paper quilling but now possible through Silver Quilling and using Art Clay Paper type.

Flower Ring


Using a craft punch, you can layer motifs on top of each other to create a 3d effect. Putting together the thinly cut petals to create a flower design.

Butterfly Pendant Lesson


By combining different techniques we can create a complicated butterfly wing design. Being able to create the exact same design on the opposite wing is an important skill.

Folded Rose


Achieving volume by folding Paper Type. You’ll be surprised at how light the finished design is.

Bouquet Brooch


Let’s learn how to combine many different techniques to create different shapes in order to create one beautiful piece.

Message from Supervisor of Silver Quilling

minoru miki

Motoko Maggie Nakatani

Combining Quilling with the ease, practicality, and artfulness of Art Clay Silver, expands an artist’s horizons. With the combined appeal of paper quilling and Art Clay Silver, Silver Quilling allows us to create original and unique jewelry designs.

Nakatani Motoko Quilling Class (Chairman)
Botanical Quilling Japan Chief Instructor
Quilling Specialty Shop “Stripe” Owner
North America Quilling Guild Japanese Representative
Japan Quilling Guild Founding Member
Recipient of Multiple Awards from contests sponsored by the North American Quilling Guild

With just one Quilling Bar the possibilities are endless!


This curriculum is designed for the easy understanding of techniques used in the 6 curriculum pieces, and the application of Silver Quilling techniques to the creation of your own accessories. For this curriculum we will mainly use the new size of Art Clay Paper Type. After you acquire all the techniques, you can make the best of the classroom curriculum and even sell some of your creations. The possibilities are endless.