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Aida Mission Statement

Our Belief in Social Contribution

Ecological Awareness is now a commonly understood and indeed universal concern.
In the last thirty years, communities around the world have individually and collectively created legislative measures in pursuit of environmental protection.

Aida Mission Statement

Recycling, once a novel idea, has become a household word and more recently a profitable industry. Many companies currently utilize recycled materials in manufacturing their products. Our company has been recycling resources since long before the “Eco– Renaissance”, and consequently has drawn both recognition and support from other companies and industries around the world.

Founded in 1963, Aida has been recycling precious metals as a resource for production and as an alternative solution to exhausting naturally occurring mineral resources. Our experience over the years has allowed us to be both highly efficient and diversified, and our company has even gone so far as to explore the artistic and cultural applications of our technology and recycled products, hence our Art Clay range of products which are now known and used in more than 44 countries around the world.

We have forged joint partnerships with many Japanese companies and are continually developing our recycling technology to provide ecologically friendly ground treatment of photographic liquid waste.

At Aida, we proudly uphold our business principles and corporate legacy. The foundation for our confidence is built upon cutting edge technology, our pioneering experience and an instinctive standard of excellence that we have cultivated over the years. We are fueled by our vision, mandated by our mission, and guided by our principles to hold the company future in our hands. With our corporate conscience as our beacon, we will continue to grow more efficiently, competitively and creatively.

Because Aida is synonymous with recycling, we hope to be around for many generations to come.

Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.


A Story of Eco-Friendly recycling
An Invitation to Create

Invitation to Creation

Our main line of business is the recycling of precious metals. We not only collect these precious resources but also actively participate in the art and culture field through the use of precious metals as an artistic medium. Silver and gold powdered metals are not easily fabricated by everyone.

However, the technology of our company has completely changed that traditional understanding. We have developed an innovative new material that everyone can easily use and fabricate with silver and gold metals. We have succeeded in transforming these ground metals into powder form, mixing them with a special binder and have come up with clay form products like Art Clay Silver, Art Clay Gold, and Art Clay Copper which can be shaped into any kind of form that the artist desires.

We intend to continue to create and spread an entirely new kind of artistic culture using these revolutionary products.

The history to the realization of a Dream

Precious metals are chemically stable materials that cannot be created by the alteration of other materials in the natural world. We must not dispose of these scarce and precious resources recklessly.

Aida’s history began in 1963. Our founder Mr. Kazuo Aida paid special attention to the silver materials which were used as sensitizers in photographic processing, and by utilizing the chemical knowledge and experience gained over the years, started a business that extracts the silver out of used waste liquids and films collected from hospitals and photographic studios.

Since then, we have followed our founder’s intention and endeavored to obtain more accuracy and efficiency in the extraction of silver and other precious metals without being affected by the fluctuation of the silver market. Currently, 3000 tons of silver is used annually in Japan. Out of this 3000 tons, approximately 1500 tons are used as sensitizers in film processing.

We can potentially change limited
resources into an unlimited,
reusable supply by perfecting
the recycling of materials
being disposed. It is a dream
that can only be realized
by out technology.

Highest skill levels achieved

Highest Skill Achieved

We have also looked into jewelry production and the dental industry that regularly use precious metals. When fabricating these materials, a large amount of wastage is produced. However, this waste often cannot be re-used or sold due to containing many foreign substances.

We obtain this waste from fabricating companies and recycle it into pure gold or silver (99.99%), platinum and palladium (over 99.99%) by applying our precious metal analysis and refining skills, delivering this back as either return materials or utilize ourselves.

Aida’s highly developed skills and nation-wide collection network across Japan makes it possible to efficiently respond to our clients’ needs. Because of this, our services are greatly valued.
We will continue to provide accurate analyses, refining work, and quick response times with a reasonable price, and guarantee that our service will always exceed our client’s expectations.

Protection of Green is Our Motto

Protection of “Green” is Our Motto

Traditionally, photographic liquid waste containing chemical elements was difficult to restore to the ground; therefore, it was pre-treated based on strict regulations and was finally disposed of into the sea to let the sea water do all the purification work. Thankfully, due to the London Treaty that banned the dumping of industrial waste into the sea, as of January 1st, 1996, this is no longer tolerated by the international community.

Aida had foreseen this critical situation and has explored alternative solutions for some time now. Considering both nationalization of resources and efficiency, Aida contacted other companies of related industries in the Kanto Region, to cooperate together and form the "Sweat System Association". Members of this association must first pre-treat the liquid waste from 1/4 to 1/5 by using condensing equipment of their own, and then performing total treatment for this condensed liquid waste in the association’s facility, ultimately turning the waste into a disposable liquid within regulations.

Matter which is produced in the final stage of treatment still contains small particles of precious metals which can not be extracted during the previous process. We sell this matter to mining companies as materials containing silver, in keeping with our philosophy to restore, as much as possible, industrial wastes into usable resources.

Aida has always fulfilled its responsibility as an industrial waste handling company, and always prioritizes environmental protection, utilizing its diverse knowledge of chemistry and abundant experience.

Expanding Network

In order to realize an elaborate recycling system, it is essential to have a nation-wide operation network.
Currently, Aida has been approved by 40 prefectures and 51 cities within Japan to operate as an industrial waste disposal contractor. The head office and factory is in Tokyo, and has a network of 10 offices nation-wide.
Using each office as a base, Aida can speedily respond to approximately 20,000 clients, including but not limited to the medical, dental, printing, photography and developing studios, and jewelry fabricating industries. We are continuously adding more offices to our network.